Close Protection For UHNWI

Elite, discreet security services for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals, ensuring unparalleled safety and privacy.

Experience top-notch security in your daily life.

Bespoke security for high net worth individuals, family offices and executives.

As the foremost provider of family and asset protection, alongside anti-kidnap, recovery, and extraction services, we set the standard in safety and discretion.

Our team comprises solely ex-special forces personnel, the finest in their field. Each member has undergone extensive, government-funded training programmes, ensuring unparalleled expertise. Our skillset, honed through rigorous training and vast experience, is our greatest asset.

We adeptly prevent incidents using covert operations, environmental awareness, and counter-surveillance techniques.

“We remain unseen, yet possess the unique ability to locate those who seek to remain hidden.”

Why Should you choose our Close protection services

Unmatched Personal Security

Specialized in safeguarding UHNWI, family offices, and executives, ensuring their safety in all circumstances.

Elite Professional Expertise

Services provided by ex-special forces, guaranteeing a level of skill and experience that's unparalleled in the industry.

Tailored Security Solutions

Customized protection plans that align with the unique lifestyles and needs of UHNWI, family offices, and executives.

Absolute Discretion

Maintain utmost privacy and confidentiality, crucial for high-profile individuals and their families.

Proactive Threat Management

Advanced risk assessment and proactive strategies to preemptively mitigate any potential security threats.

24/7 Availability

Constant protection and readiness to respond to any situation, at any time.

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